The Stephen Perse Foundation is different. We achieve exceptional exam results without sticking blindly to the syllabus or cramming facts and figures – but what you learn in class is only half the story. What happens on the sports field, in our art and music department, on the stage or in our clubs and societies is just as important. Visit us to find out more.

The Stephen Perse Foundation comprises 6 independent day schools in Cambridge, Madingley and Saffron Walden, UK: The Stephen Perse Pre-preparatory Schools (ages 3 – 7 at both Madingley and Cambridge), Stephen Perse Foundation Junior School (ages 7 – 11), Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School (ages 11 – 16) and The Stephen Perse Sixth Form College (ages 16 – 19). In September 2013 we were joined by Dame Bradbury’s School, Saffron Walden.

Tracing our roots back to 1881 as ‘The Perse School for Girls’, the Stephen Perse Foundation schools are amongst the best in the UK, providing an exceptional education to over 1000 students and sharing a common aim: to foster a love of learning, developing inquiring, reflective, open-minded young people, prepared for the opportunities of the twenty-first century and equipped to play an active role in an increasingly international world.

We will be welcoming boys into the senior school from 2017. We will be teaching them in separate classes for the main academic subjects in what is known as a diamond formation from age nine to 16.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Teresa Ewence

    Read your inspirational piece in Primary Teach magazine- we are in the process of redesigning our Library and really want it to be atmospheric enriching place to revel in books or write creatively(out of choice). Have seen any really well designed libraries who have photos on the web so that we could get some inspiration ourselves? We are determined to make it a community effort and have a TA who is a wonderful artists and usually designs and creates our backdrops to our school production.

    1. Tricia Kelleher Post author

      Hi Teresa

      Tried emailing but bounced back.

      Pleased you liked the piece. The function of a library in a digital age is something every school should consider. We thought carefully about first principles and decided each library across the Stephen Perse Foundation needed to capture our values – importance of imagination/power of story in JS & curiosity/investigation in SS.

      We did not find other schools with libraries which fitted our vision.



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