Stick or carrot – what matters in education

Importance of engagement matters.

stephen perse foundation

As the mercury hits 30 degrees, and schools finally breath a collective sigh of relief at the end of term, the government makes its latest summer announcement. And it was hot. Proposed baseline testing for 5 year olds and secondary ready testing at age 11. Wow! Each child, including children with special needs, will be ranked against each other. Clear, straightforward and necessary to ensure pupil progress. Or is it?

I am loath to react to this latest “good” idea and instead would like to respond based on my experience as a teacher and latterly principal. Integral to the learning of a child is engagement with that learning. The best model of education is one where children learn effortlessly because they are immersed in their learning. Teachers are placed on their mettle because this model is without a doubt a pedagogical challenge. There needs to be real inspirational teaching as…

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