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Revisited this blog – still relevant.

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Working as I do in the city of Cambridge, I enjoy access to a hugely rich cultural life.  I am very appreciative of this and will never take for granted the beautiful city architecture or abundant opportunities to enjoy the arts.  Here culture truly inspires.

Indeed culture was the focus of a fascinating series of programmes on Radio 4 in the New Year. Chaired by Melvyn Bragg, the concept of culture was subjected to forensic scrutiny.  What does culture actually mean?  It became clear to me that the culture I enjoy in Cambridge is only one subset of a broader definition of culture; culture is a word which is enmeshed in nuanced connotations.  For example, there is high culture and there is culture defined by social anthropology.  I was greatly struck by Christopher Frayling’s definition of culture.  Interestingly, as former Chair of the Arts Council, he discussed a spectrum of culture, ranging from elite to popular, all of which…

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