Demanding thought does not result in unhappiness

Opinions published in the Daily Telegraph today, prompted by a piece in the Times Education Supplement last week, highlight the vulnerability that some children suffer in the schools of teachers with naïve and idealistic views.

In an extremely competitive workplace, with alarming levels of graduate unemployment, a CV that demonstrates high levels of academic achievement, coupled with a generous show of extra-curricular and practical experience, should be the aim for every capable student and their teachers, to give them the best possible opportunities.

It is naïve and wrong to assume that students who taken an easier or undemanding route will be happier. Unfulfilled potential is anything but happy – how many adults have you heard say “I wish I had…..”?

The answer is that all students deserve and should receive expert guidance and counselling to give them confidence in their subject and university choice, helping to ensure they embark on a path that is both happy and fulfilling.

One thought on “Demanding thought does not result in unhappiness


    I don’t agree with the way in which standard testing is supposed to guarantee the very best candidates for a program on (post secondary) candidates. These exams take place over period three hours. Not all students know what to expect, many simply aren’t good test takers. The tests themselves continue to emphasize abilities in the maths, sciences and a spidgin of English. What about the creative spirit of a student? And how the perform when not under the duress of a standardized test?


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