Apple’s digital textbooks welcomed

Yesterday’s announcement that Apple is moving into digital textbooks is very welcome as we continue to implement our vision for a future of teaching with technology.  

Since 2010, we have been implementing a forward thinking technology strategy for teaching and learning within its schools and now we are ahead of the curve, having fully embraced the digital age. We believe that technology such as the iPad have such transformational qualities that we are in the process of creating a futuristic classroom within the school, where the very latest technology can be trialled. Teachers throughout the school, from pre-prep to sixth form college, already work with iPads and all students in the senior school will be issued with their own iPads from September.

 This technology is totally liberating for teachers.  The creative possibilities for engaging with students with the help of iPads are endless and our teachers are enjoying exploring and utilising interactive apps, for example, to animate their lessons.  IPads also offer a fantastic tool for collaborative learning, whether students are inside a classroom or working at home.  We have here a technological tool which truly facilitates 24/7 learning.  The students are really enthusiastic about new technology and the introduction of textbooks for the iPad is very exciting.

The provision of new technology, such as iPads, to students doesn’t come without its potential issues though and, in the internet age, we understand that students need to be given careful guidance and boundaries within which to work.

We have a strong emphasis on thinking skills and learning habits, designed to foster intellectual, personal and moral character in our students.  Through this ethos and associated teaching practices, children develop a strong moral compass which is vital in this virtual world which has no natural boundaries.

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