Murdoch talks up net’s power to transform education

Rupert Murdoch called for more investment in education and “unlocking the potential” of the world’s children during his address to the eG8 Forum in Paris yesterday.

He argued that the internet had changed the world in every area except education.

“Someone waking up from a 50-year nap would find the world had changed beyond recognition … not in education where our schools remain the last holdout from the digital revolution,” he said.

“A teacher waking up from a 50-year nap would find a classroom looks almost exactly the same as it did in the Victorian era. My friends, what we have here is a colossal failure of imagination and an abdication of our responsibilities to our children and grandchildren.”

In particular , Murdoch argued that businesses had learned to personalise their websites to target people and companies were letting clients customise their experience. Now it was the turn of education to embrace digital technology in order to teach children at their own pace and to unlock their full potential. 

To read the coverage in the Guardian click here

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