Studying abroad becomes a serious option

With the vast majority of English universities planning to charge the full £9,000-a-year, it is no suprise that students are looking beyond the UCAS system to overseas universities.  Add to that the fact that 16 of the top 20 universites are in America while the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Göttingen and Munich universities, the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and two of France’s grandes écoles all outrank Bristol University, it is easy to see why students are considering their global options.  The Daily Telegraph ran a supplement on Saturday looking at some of these issues and the articles can be read here.

Clearly this is also a hot subject for our own students and parents judging by the fact that some 400 people will be attending our own ‘Global Higher Education’ event on the 9 June to listen to speakers from Harvard, Princeton, Maastricht, Bath, Cambridge and Imperial College London.

2 thoughts on “Studying abroad becomes a serious option

    1. stephenperseblog Post author

      Dear Mrs Ng

      I am very sorry but the event is full. We were only able to go out to students and parents of Year 10 – 13. We expect to be hosting similar events in the future.

      Kind regards

      Dan Murton
      Marketing Director


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