Girls more interested in female-friendly science

Girls are more interested in studying science if topics are presented in a female friendly way according to the findings of Dr Sylvie Kerger the University of Luxembourg whose research has just been published online in the British Journal of Educational Psychology.  

It is well-documented that girls have less interest in studying scientific fields such as statistics, physics and information technology.  Dr Kerger’s study set out to find out if making them more relevant to girls would encourage a greater uptake.  Students were asked to quantify how interested they were in a range of topics e.g. the functioning of a laser. The feminine context was ‘how is a laser used in cosmetic surgery’ and the masculine context was ‘how does a laser read a CD’.

The results showed that girls had a significantly higher interest when concepts were presented in a female friendly way – something girls’ schools have known for some time.

The full journal title is ‘How can we enhance girls’ interest in scientific topics?’ Visit for more information

One thought on “Girls more interested in female-friendly science

  1. Lucy

    I think the report is quite right in stating that it actually matters about the type of interests the child has, rather than just the gender bias. Although of course for the majority of children their interests go with the stereotype.


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