Are school students becoming spoon-fed exam machines?

University admissions tutors are looking for students who can bring something fresh and original to the subject rather than those who have been spoon-fed.  According to Rachel Spedding, Managing Director of Oxbridge Applications writing in The Independent today, students who understand that complex ideas require time in which to gather one’s thoughts and deliver a structured answer are the ones likely to do well, securing a scarce place at the university of their choice.

The article argues that students must demonstrate that they are not automatons; trained to repeat facts, but are capable of carrying on a conversation and developing an idea.

Today’s piece in The Independent gets to the heart of one of the most important debates in education – the role of education itself.  Should education focus on knowledge or on the application of knowledge?  We feel very strongly that education should encourage young people to embrace intellectual curiosity and the use of logic. Such creative learning gives them a fighting chance to answer the questions they are not expecting and to be able to deal with the unpredictability that will most certainly characterise their future.

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